Since 1998 I have enjoyed creating the "Singin' Songs of Science" series of cds, and I am delighted and honored that they are being used by educators in classrooms around the world. After taking a bit of a break from writing and recording, I am excited to announce a new album that takes me in a whole new direction.
After moving to the mountains of western North Carolina, my wife and I are thoroughly enjoying living in a more rural, natural setting, with people who are much more connected to community.  We have become active members in our local church choir, and we love both the musical and non-musical activities our new church community offers. 

This new sense of community has inspired me to produce a new collection of songs for children to experience in Sunday school.  The songs are all about the Apostles and their experiences and it is called 
"Singin' Sunday School: The Apostles."  Check the "Songs/Lyrics" links on the right for lyrics to all the songs.

Each song is intended as a compliment to a lesson, which would include more details and background than could be included in a simple song.  But kids enjoy learning with songs and love the opportunity to perform them for an audience!

Like the science cds, "performance tracks" (lead vocals removed) of each song are included so teachers can put together performances featuring the children and their voices.

All the proceeds from this new album are being donated to our church 
Hayesville First United Methodist.  I am excited to be able to share this new album with you and have you share it with the young ones in your life.